If an M&A team were the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers:

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If an M&A team were the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers:
  • Coach Ty Lue – Investment Bank;
  • Kevin Love – Wealth Manager;
  • Kyle Korver – Accountant;
  • Jeff Green – M&A Attorney;
  • George Hill – Estate Attorney;
  • and LeBron James – Business Owner.

In the wake of the Cleveland Cavalier’s phenomenal Game 7 win preparation for the NBA Finals, Carleton McKenna has identified similarities between the ideal sell-side team and some of the Cav’s 2018 star players.

Coach Ty Lue – Investment Bank (“IB”)

Charged with seeing the big picture, managing the clock, calling plays, and directing players, Coach Lue’s unwavering goal is leading the Cavs to an NBA championship. Likewise, the IB professionals focus on running a competitive sale process resulting in a winning sale price and deal terms. The IB manages timing and execution related to marketing, due diligence, and negotiations. And an experienced IB can call the right “plays” to achieve the best possible valuation and transaction structure.  Finally, there are a lot of players in the sale process – see the lineup below – and the IB keeps the team organized and engaged all while moving toward the same transaction goal.

Kevin Love – Wealth Manager

A defensive weapon, Kevin Love protects the rim like the wealth manager protects the business owner’s assets. Wealth managers plan for the future while diversifying, protecting, sustaining, and growing the client’s wealth. 

Kyle Korver – Accountant

Like an accountant, Kyle Korver’s shots are right on the money! The accountant assists with initial preparations for the sale including: financial statement preparation, due diligence, and tax advice.

Jeff Green – M&A Attorney

Like Green, the M&A attorney’s experience and versatility help guide the sell-side team through potential legal minefields. The attorney is a key player in structuring and evaluating risks in the deal, due diligence, and negotiating transaction documents. As a trusted advisor, the attorney’s presence at the end of the game is particularly vital.

George Hill – Estate Attorney

As a point guard, George Hill is always thinking ahead and putting the team in the best position for each play. Like Hill, the estate attorney is one step ahead of the transaction, preparing the business owner for a tax-effective and predictable transaction.

LeBron James – Business Owner

And let’s be honest, it is really LeBron James, like the business owner, who is running the show (but with constant guidance and support from his coach and teammates). A good reminder from the 2018 Cavs: make sure the owner assembles a team that can be trusted to take some of the burden (throughout every game) allowing their focus to stay on the day-to-day operations. At the end of it all, the business owner will be the real MVP (just like LeBron) in a successful transaction.