Technology & SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Technology

The explosion of cloud storage options, continuously improving computing power and ease of creating a minimally viable product all have enabled dramatic growth in SaaS models. However, these same factors also allow for low barriers to entry and a highly competitive environment. Other advancements in artificial intelligence and virtual/augmented reality continue to gain acceptance and traction from a variety of stakeholders. With prior experience as business owners, managers, seasoned investors and board members for SaaS and technology businesses, our professionals have first-hand experience with the multi-layered, complex and often stressful situations businesses face when considering and executing a transition.

  • Software (SaaS, apps, mobile, data, healthcare)
  • IT Consulting, Security & Services
  • Online Business Models
  • Physical Products (consumer, commercial, healthcare)
  • Data Storage, Processing & Services
  • Defense/Governmental Software & Services

Our SaaS and Technology Professionals

Chris J. McKenna
Manager Partner
T: 216.523.1962; C: 216.832.5449

Brooke Hradisky
Vice President
T: 216.523.1962; C: 330.348.3640

Alexis M. Becker
T: 216.523.1962; C: 302.598.0946

Operating Advisors:

Tony Crisalli

Dan Rose

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