Pre-Transition Advisory

Pre-Transition Advisory

Business owners often reach out to M&A advisors once they have decided to sell their business. Making the decision to sell or transition is frequently the most significant personal, professional and economic milestone of an owner’s life. What they may not know is that they are usually “leaving money on the table” by not preparing sooner. The Carleton McKenna & Co. team has advised many dozens of businesses through successful sale processes and can use that experience to help owners increase their company’s value by planning ahead.

Carleton McKenna & Co. has developed a Pre-Transition program to help business owners who may not be ready to sell maximize enterprise valuation. We benchmark actual performance characteristics against those that yield higher valuations, and we identify the gaps for realization of a better valuation. This gap analysis, along with other analytic components, will present a set of strategic opportunities that should help a company take action.

The Pre-Transition Advisory Service includes:

  • Conducting a full review of the Company’s financials and operations;
  • Providing in-depth industry research and M&A case studies;
  • Drafting a complete Company Memorandum;
  • Establishing a Data Room complete with typical materials required in due diligence; and
  • Optional, additional value-enhancing activities, such as an IT systems review and customer feedback analysis.

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